Getting You Here™ Book Series

Getting You Here is a series of books helping people move to different states. Each state is a little different, so these books focus on what to expect with each state. It covers different regions, the cultures, things to do, education, government and the pros and cons. The other sections of the books provide checklists and tips for each stage of the move. Everything from what to start preparing months in advance, what to pack and what to purge, and things to remember when getting settled in your new place. There are also downloadable spreadsheets for budgeting and copies of the checklists readers can access for free to help with the move.

Florida & North Carolina Editions Available on Amazon

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More Than "Just A Book"! Here are the worksheets, spreadsheets, and checklist you need to successfully move to Florida.

✓ STATE SPECIFIC GUIDE WITH A MOVING WORKBOOK - This book combines information specific to moving to Florida in addition to providing readers with general moving tips, planners, and checklists.

✓ LEARN WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LIVE IN FLORIDA AND WHAT YOU NEED TO CONSIDER WHEN RELOCATING - Learn the differences in government offices, education, and how housing maybe different in Florida.

✓ HELP WITH BUDGETING LIVING EXPENSES AND MOVING COST - What are the taxes, costs, and expenses that may differ from state to state? We have provided you with a budgeting sheet you can download to plan for costs and income differences.

✓ PLANNING CHECKLISTS AVAILABLE FOR EACH STAGE OF THE MOVE - This Workbook has all the checklist you need from things for Planning, Packing and Getting Settled into your new home.

✓ RESOURCES TO HELP ALONG THE WAY - Where can you get help in your new community and find resources you will need during and after your move? We help give you ideas and connect you to experts.

✓ SNOWBIRD SECTION - Snowbirds have unique needs when moving to Florida for 6 months or less, explore the restrictions and opportunities.

✓ HOUSING, JOBS, PETS, AND MORE - Our experts in moving have provided great tips and checklists to cover all aspects of your move, not just packing!

✓ PERFECT 5.5 X 8.5 SIZE - The workbook and planner is a convenient size paperback. It has enough room to write out what you need to do, but it is compact enough to keep with you through the process.

About The Author, Tanya Eldert

Tanya Eldert is the author of the Daily Success Steps, and Getting You Here - Florida. She runs several corporations, dozens of community sites, and owns a real estate school. Tanya loves creating systems to stay organized and using them to help people be successful. She created the checklists and tips in this book to help her move over a dozen times to many different states.

Guest Authors Help With Each State

Kati Horvath, North Carolina

Kati came to North Carolina in the mid 90s while pursuing her dream of becoming a member of the United States Equestrian Team for Combined Driving.

During her time in North Carolina, she met her husband, who holds the position of Deputy Chief at a local fire department. Together, they have raised their two children, now young adults, and consider North Carolina their forever home.


In the back of the book there is a code to download moving spreadsheets and checklists!

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