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About Getting You Here™ Workbook & Planner

More Than "Just A Book"! Here are the worksheets, spreadsheets, and checklist you need to successfully move.

The workbook provides you with downloadable worksheets, spreadsheets, and business plans that you can edit and use as the foundation of your real estate business. It is what you need to create an intentional business and take back your personal life.

  • STATE SPECIFIC GUIDE WITH A MOVING WORKBOOK - This book combines information specific to moving to different states in addition to providing readers with general moving tips, planners, and checklists.

  • LEARN WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LIVE IN THE NEW STATE AND WHAT YOU NEED TO CONSIDER WHEN RELOCATING - Learn the differences in government offices, education, and how housing maybe different in your future state.

  • HELP WITH BUDGETING LIVING EXPENSES AND MOVING COST - What are the taxes, costs, and expenses that may differ from state to state? We have provided you with a budgeting sheet you can download to plan for costs and income differences.

  • PLANNING CHECKLISTS AVAILABLE FOR EACH STAGE OF THE MOVE - This Workbook has all the checklist you need from things for Planning, Packing and Getting Settled into your new home.

  • RESOURCES TO HELP ALONG THE WAY - Where can you get help in your new community and find resources you will need during and after your move? We help give you ideas and connect you to experts.

  • HOUSING, JOBS, PETS, AND MORE - Our experts in moving have provided great tips and checklists to cover all aspects of your move, not just packing!

  • PERFECT 7 X 10 SIZE - The workbook and planner is a convenient size in a 7 x 10 paperback. It has enough room to write out what you need to do, but it is compact enough to keep with you through the process.

The Getting You Here™

Downloadable Checklists & Budget Spreadsheets

Comparison Budgeting Spreadsheet

Moving Budget Spreadsheet

Preparing to Move Checklist

Packing Checklist

Moving Day Essentials Kit

Pet Checklist

Settling In Your New Home Checklist

Change of Address Checklist


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We chose to use a course format so you can easily find the specific materials you want, instead of having to download a huge file with stuff you don't need. As you go through the book, you can login to your account and access the files you need for that section of the book. This way it is not overwhelming and you can work with each document when you are ready to work on it!

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